Friday, April 12, 2013

Real Sports: Husky History Countdown

After doing extensive Final Four coverage for the Syracuse Orange, I feel like I've sold out in a way. Granted, I'm not being paid, so this is probably the lowest possible amount of money anybody has ever sold out for. Hey! Nobody said it was easy pursuing this whole journalism thing. Nevertheless, as a life long UConn fan, I feel awful about paying so many compliments to the dreaded Orange. To correct the natural order of things, I've concocted an ultimate list of the UConn greats. I've ranked the top five greatest UConn teams of all time and the top five greatest UConn players of all time. Whether you agree, disagree, or anywhere in between, I want to hear your opinions. So please comment with your top five in either category. The important thing is recognizing the school that I love so much. Check out the complete list by hitting the link below.

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