Friday, May 3, 2013

Our Time With Star UConn Recruit, Kentan Facey (Interview)

Kentan Facey is a 6'9" power forward from Jamaica with a great work ethic and unrelenting passion for the game of basketball. He is taking his talents to Storrs next year in order to help contribute to an already stacked Huskies roster with the return of Napier, Boatright, and Daniels. Kentan Facey was nice enough to speak to Real Radio about his decision to play for UConn and his plans for the future. I'm not going to write an extended intro here, as I've just completed a full article on Facey for On Campus Sports. Be on the lookout for that story coming soon, and check out our full Q&A with Kentan Facey below:

First and foremost, why UConn?

I came to the U.S in 2010, that season Uconn won it all so I started paying attention to the school. Overtime I developed the aspiration to play there. Coach Kev was one of the first coaches to recruit me so from back then we sort of had a relationship.

You are one of Kevin Ollie's first recruits and his first ever ESPN top 100 recruit. I believe that Ollie proved himself as a head coach last year. How was he as a recruiter?

As a recruiter he's great. He's very positive. He's always trying to solve a problem if there is one, he tries to remove all doubts anyone may have and he keeps it 100.

You told me that you were considering choosing Civil Engineering as a major at UConn. What drives you to take on such a challenging course load while balancing the rigorous schedule of being on the basketball team?

Well as far as my major goes I always like Engineering, however I'm still considering heavily on that. It's going to be a really demanding situation and I want to be at my best in both areas.

What are your goals while at UConn? Are they individual (i.e. All-Conference, All-American, Winning the Naismith) or team (i.e. Conference Title, National Title, etc.) oriented?

My ultimate goal is to make it to the NBA, with that comes hard work. In my mind If I'm willing to put in that hard work then I can help the team ultimately to a national title, also accolades will come from doing what's required, so as far as goals go I plan to work hard and let the chips fall into place but the #1 goal is the NBA. 

How closely did you follow the Huskies' 2012-2013 season? Given the coaching change, the post-season ban, and the conference realignment, what are your thoughts on how the team took on and overcame so many challenges on their way to a 20 win season?

With all the obstacles that the team faced this past season, it shows the grit and toughness of the team and also it shows what Coach Kev is all about. Knowing that there was a post season ban the team could have easily slack off because they were basically playing for nothing. I paid close attention last season just to see how the team would react to all the obstacles but they stuck together, like a family. As far as the conference change goes I think the team will have the same amount of passion they played with this season plus more.

Assuming all of last year's players return for another year, which current players are you looking forward to playing with the most?

All the guys on the team have a level of experience that I don't have yet so I'm looking forward to going to war with each and everyone of them while trying to pick up some of what they already know.

Who are your biggest basketball role models? Are there any particular players that you can compare your style of play to? 

I try to do all I can to help my team. My game is evolving daily so the future is looking up. As for right now I would say my game is similar to that of Chris Bosh's.

I'm sure I speak for the entire UConn fanbase when I say that we are thrilled that you decided to play for the Huskies. While we are still a relatively young program, we have created a culture of winning here in Connecticut. From Ray Allen and Richard Hamilton to Kemba Walker and Emeka Okafor, players have put their mark on this school and been forever etched into the history books. We all hope you can be next. Thanks for your time, and good luck next year!

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